Best 5 Rarest Emotes In Clash Royale

The new emote system in Clash Royale is a very interesting development for the game. Players are able to use emotes at random intervals, having fun while they’re waiting for their opponent to make their move. It seems that some of these emotes are less popular than others, but there are many great ones that can be used to get an edge over your opponents.

In a recent interview, Supercell stated that there are currently 266 emotes. Emotes are typically unlockable through the Clash Royale card packs, but there are a few exceptions. The 5 rarest clash royale emotes can be found below.

What is Rarest?

There are different emotes which have been classified as “Rarest” by Supercell and it’s given them special effects when you tap one out. These rarities will determine how often players need to unlock them.

The rarest emotes in clash royale are available for purchase every two months aren’t rare by any means. They were or will be released only once in the game and you didn’t get them, they’ll not be available again, are considered rare.

Certain emotes that meet the above criteria are free emotes that are given away by Supercell, like the no-cost Lost & Crowned emote we all received. The emote will not be offered again; however, it is available to every account. Not rare. Available only once in a while.

rarest clash royale emotes

Top 5 Rarest Emotes in Clash Royale

Emoticons are one of the most used gestures for communication nowadays, but there are some others that might catch your attention. These are the top 5 rarest Clash Royale emoticons that have been introduced in the last few months. You may want to check out these emotes below.

1. Delightful Emote:

Let’s say hi to each other. In case you were wondering, yes, they’re actually real. They’re called starfish and they look so cute!

2. Laughing Emote:

The face emoji is the only thing I really find funny about this particular emoji. It makes me laugh when they use it because it looks like she’s having a little bit too much fun. But still, in all honesty, it doesn’t seem any different than all the other ones, so maybe I’m missing something?

3. Wink Emote:

This one is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is give your opponent a wink and everyone knows what it means or does it? This could be interpreted in many ways depending on who you’re talking to.

4. Blush Emote:

Another simple emoji. All you have to do is put two fingers under your chin and blush. Come on, guys, if you’ve ever had a crush on anyone, then you know exactly what this means. You basically just blushed for no reason. That’s always been my tactic whenever I get nervous around a girl. Just hold up two fingers and start blushing!

5. Rock Emote:

Now here’s where it gets tricky. What is a rock? Is it a stone? Is it a guitar? No, it’s actually none of those things. A “rock” is simply someone doing their best Kid Icarus impression (with the manly voice). The number 1 ranked player in Europe used this once as his signature move.

He added a little flair by blowing into his mouth, making it sound more like he was smoking weed. Everyone immediately knew what this meant and has made him very popular.

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Top 5 Best clash Royale Emotes

The best clash royale rarest emotes is the Giggle Clown, which you’ll only find once per season, so if this is your favorite emoji, don’t forget to claim your piece! Supercell has confirmed that the following emojis are all of the best:

best clash royale rarest emotes

1. Screaming Dragon: This dragon uses its wings to try and scare off other dragons in front of it. It can also fire missiles.

2. Giggling Clown: A clown makes everyone laugh with his dance moves and waving hands. Whenever he appears on screen, people will giggle along. If you click him quickly enough (about 3 times), you can even hear the sound effect from the game.

3. Snarling Lion: Glaring eyes and sharp teeth on top of a lion’s body. This beast looks ready to pounce at any moment.

4. Boomerang Bird: Appears and flies away after a single tap. He then comes back again and does another fly-away animation.

5. Coughing Ladybug: Has what could be described as a zombie-like appearance due to her long ears standing up vertically. She coughs whenever she gets hit by a minion or something similar.

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How to Get Free Emotes in Clash Royale?

There are several cheat codes that will help you get free emotes. However, there are some limitations to these methods. First, you can only download them from our website. Second, you cannot apply them at once. To add, you must wait until after 5 minutes of playing to unlock them.

In both Tournaments and Challenges, you can get a lot of cool things. In addition to gems, gold, and cards, there are also times when exclusive reactions can be earned. If you complete the requirements, which normally get a certain number of wins, you will get your emotes very quickly. This is the most viable way to acquire rarest emotes clash royale because they appear more in this mode of the game.

Every clan member will receive 10 free emotes per week. These are obtained through completing daily Challenges. Each challenge gives you 50 points. To earn 100 points, take out any tower from another clan without them retaliating. If you manage to complete these challenges every day, you’ll receive 20 free emotes. After that, you can use your event tickets to purchase additional emotes.

Note: Since clan wars ended, there seem to be fewer people playing games now. So they might not even bother with the minigame anymore.


The easiest way to get the rarest emotes in clash royale is by upgrading your cards to level 13. In order to get the rarest emotes in Clash Royale, you need a lot of time and resources. One way to do this is by upgrading your cards to level 13. You can save resources by using chests and gold instead of making purchases.

In this article, we have presented five rarest emotes in Clash Royale. I would recommend that you use these emotes with caution, as they will most likely not be available to purchase again after they are sold out. You should also keep an eye on the leader boards if you want to see who has the most emotes so you can copy them before they run out.

At the ending, if your Clash game is crashing and you need some help to fix it, please see our latest guide article.

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