How to Get Free Legendary Cards in Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a game that is very straightforward for the most part. There are no complicated steps involved, from obtaining cards to moving up the tiers. It is, without a doubt, challenging. Not only may the match-up system be quite unfair at times, but it also necessitates extensive use of strategy and elixir control to win matches.

To obtain legendary cards in Clash Royale, you must first purchase some gems, which you may use to buy legendary King’s chest in the shop, including a legendary card and other cards. If you want to earn free legendaries, try competing for chests as much as you can because some of them will contain a free legendary card.

This article includes detailed information on how to get free legendary cards in Clash Royale. In addition, the most frequently asked questions are well answered to help understand better. In case you are in any doubt concerning Clash Royale, it would be better if you seek help from a knowledgeable person.

how to get legendary cards in Clash Royale

What is Legendary cards?

The Legendary cards are the most powerful and rare cards in Clash Royale. This card has always been a player’s favorite from its first release. Of course, no one will force you to get it at once because of how hard it is to obtain them. And even if you have a good chance of getting one out of thousands or hundreds, we can not guarantee your success. But don’t worry. You won’t give up easily either! Our article would help anyone who wants to try.

The first legendary hero that has been released is called “Frost Wizard,” then they used their long-awaited legendary heroes such as Rose, Hog Rider King (King). Of course, you can get many other kings characters through your hard work for achievements such as Yeti Riders, Dark Prince, and more. When it comes to high levels or trophies, people always focus on self-evident Hog Rider King.

The second most important thing to know about legendary cards in Clash Royale is the Supernova ability combined with other Spells and Effects such as Heal Heroes, Skeletons, Fireball, or any other cards already mentioned before. So if you decide to play around alone playing first-class destroying your opponents along the way, then I am sure you are going to have a great time with the help point system of 200.

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Top ways on getting the free legendary cards

Legendary cards in Clash Royale are the most difficult to obtain. They have the most unprecedented attacks, like the Princess’s ability to shoot halfway across the map or the bandit’s invulnerable sprint ability. You can earn these cards rapidly by purchasing them from the shop and participating in other game areas.

how to get free Legendary cards in Clash Royale

The various ways to get free legendary cards include;

1: Join an Active Clan

Clan wars are only available to players who have reached level 8. To collect Clan Cards on Collection Day, you must combat three times using your deck of cards. You will also utilize these Clan Cards to construct your War Deck for the upcoming Battle of the Titans event. Only one combat can be undertaken on War Day.

The clan will win the war with the most significant number of War Day victories. So, you will receive clan trophies for placing first or second to advance through clan leagues. Also, you can receive a War Chest after the War Season. Furthermore, the contents of this box are determined by the Clan League and the highest-ranking conflict in which you have participated.

Starting a war requires the participation of 10 people. The War Chest will always include a guaranteed legendary card if you advance to the legendary first league.

2: Get More Trophies

Once you have 3000 trophies or have reached the legendary tier, you will purchase legendary cards. These cards will be available for purchase in the store. Furthermore, you can buy them for forty thousand gold. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should be at or above level seven at all times. If you do not do so, it will be impossible for you to obtain these cards, even if you have a sufficient amount of gold.

In addition, you can earn gold by unlocking chests, winning games, and offering unneeded cards to the community. In addition, gold for Gems can be purchased in the shop. The Royal Arena, which requires 2000 trophies, is where you will obtain legendary chests in the chest cycle after you have reached that level.

Additionally, King’s chests will be substituted by Legendary King’s chests, which will be more challenging to get. These chests guarantee that you will receive a legendary card.

3: You Should Keep on Battling

Every chest you receive is part of a chest cycle. In a single cycle, there are 240 chests. After you’ve reached Royal Arena, a legendary chest will emerge once every two cycles until you reach the top. If you never lose combat, you can earn a legendary chest once every 480 battles if you never lose. Furthermore, as you go through the tiers, you will come across chests that contain a guaranteed legendary item. So, keep fighting it out.

Legendary Chests can be found at the levels of 1, 950, 4,525, and 5,900 trophies, while Legendary King’s Chests can be found at 3950 and 6900 trophies. Continue to fight, and you will eventually be rewarded with a guaranteed legendary.

4: Compete in Challenges

Every time a legendary card is released in Clash Royale, players are given a challenge. You can participate in this challenge for a chance to win a free legendary card, which was just released. There is, however, a snag in the plan.

To have your hands on the legendary, you must compete against other people and earn 12 victories in a row. Furthermore, you have an excellent possibility of receiving not just a legendary but also 22,000 gold from the reward chest.

5: Complete the Quest in the Clash Royale

Side missions are in-game tasks that, if completed successfully, reward you with items and experience. These chores include opening ten chests, playing cards that cost two elixirs or less, donating four rare cards, and other things. In addition, you can skip a quest freely once every 24 hours if you like.

6: Use Different Cards than Legendary Cards

If you are unwilling to invest money to obtain a legendary card, your odds of getting one are primarily dependent on chance. Even if you cannot receive a legendary card, other cards can be substituted in their stead. It is possible to find close alternatives for legendaries that perform the same or better in your deck than the original legendries.

7: Open the Crown, Gold, Silver, Magical, Giant, and Clan Chests

These chests hold a great deal of significance. These chests have a slight possibility of carrying a legendary card, but only under rare circumstances. You cannot afford to ignore the possibility.

Consider that the Lava Hound is the only Legendary Card that can be acquired at Arena 4. However, once you’ve reached Arena 6, your odds of discovering a Legendary card increase by fourfold because you’ll be able to unlock the Miner, sparky, Ice Wizard, and Lava Hound.

To advance in Arenas, you must put in significant effort. Additionally, progressing through Arenas benefits you by giving you more Gold in your chests, bigger victory gold awards, as well as the chance to request and contribute more gold to the game’s charity.

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Which is usually the best legendary card?

best Legendary cards in Clash Royale

It depends on the desired outcome you want; most of them seem similar in effects that make it fun and exciting. All are good! If you still do not know any, then I can’t possibly tell for sure which is best, but having said so, all has its special place that fits your game style perfectly, left or right? !!!!

Frost Wizard:

This one is the only Legendary hero in Clash Royale at this moment. Frost wizard destroys towers like nothing since troops with splash damage nowadays, but they are hard to get, which makes them valuable and fun at first sight, plus additional card rewards as well. This card compensates for its low health with incredible DPS! Yes, that is a total of 420 damage. Whether used in the combo or not, he is impressive. Yes, it has the slow sprint ability, but this makes him very hard to take down once hit.

Hog Rider King:

Great effects that give you have an advantage! Minimal cost and a bit unreliable but widely used by most players. Subject to mass attack, in need of stamina or Quick heal, explosion capabilities, etc. Excellent!. Although not complicated like other troop cards, it isn’t easy to use a good combo because the ability is so sweeping. I would say this is one great amazing card with special abilities.

The King:

There is no point in denying it; King can get you insane scores with significant drops because of its special effect and other epic card effects that set the record straight, just like Hog Rider. If I have already said this enough times, you should know what to expect from him once used by you!

Black Knight:

I believe he is included on this list because of his low cost making it an easy combo for any player to incorporate in their deck, even though the decks are geared enough. At some point, you get golden crowns, which, along with cards, does tremendously amazing things, and honestly, I don’t see myself or other players ever leaving him out from good legendary decks!

Amber Crusade Princess:

Despite the previous update’s radius nerf, Princess is now, in my opinion, perfectly balanced due to her Elixir cost and versatility. She remains the finest Legendary in Clash Royale and the most adaptable. Princess is the most incredible option if you’re still undecided about which one to buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to get a legendary wild card from the silver chest?

Each chest has a Legendary Factor that is unique to it. Suppose the Legendary Factor is lower than a certain threshold, the likelihood of acquiring a legendary card from the chest increases. The lowest Legendary Factors may be found in Silver chests and Giant Chests, while the finest can be found in Magical and Super Magical chests.

How do you get legendary cards quickly?

There are many ways to get legendary cards in Clash Royale, but some methods are easier than others. One way to get legendary cards is to open chests, which can be done by winning battles or buying chests with gems. Another way to get legendary cards is to trade in cards for rewards.

Which is the rarest legendary card in clash Royale?

There are many legendary cards in Clash Royale, but which one is the rarest? Some people say that the rarest card is the Prince, while others believe the most occasional card is the Princess. According to a recent study, the rarest legendary card in Clash Royale is the Musketeer. The Musketeer was only found in 0.2% of all decks.

How do you get legendary wild cards in clash Royale?

In order to get legendary wild cards in Clash Royale, you must first complete all of the challenges in the game. After you have completed all of the challenges, you will be rewarded with a legendary wild card.

Can you get a legendary card from any arena?

There is a lot of speculation among Clash Royale players about whether or not you can get a legendary card from any arena. Some people say that it’s impossible, while others are convinced that it’s just a matter of time before they get one from a lower arena. The truth is that nobody knows for sure.


In conclusion, you must put in significant effort to advance your position in Arenas. Additionally, progressing through Arenas benefits you by giving you more Gold in the chests, higher victory gold awards, as well as the option to request and donate more gold to the game’s charitable causes.

Remember to open the free chest and crown chest daily since additional gems will be provided. I hope you already know how to get free Legendary Cards in Clash Royale. Just follow these tips and get Legendary cards easily.

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