How to Change Name in Clash Royale – Quick Tips

Every gamer has a different experience when it comes to naming their account in Clash Royale. Some like to give themselves a nickname, while others like to pick an entirely new username. Have you already made your name clash royale change? If not, I will tell you how to change name in clash royale.

The Supercell developers want users to be very considerate of renaming. This creates a community of recognized and stable players. Something similar to what happens in social networks like Facebook. There are restrictions to changing names on a very regular basis.

Whatever your preference may be, we have compiled a guide with methods and steps for changing your username in Clash Royale.

How to change name in Clash Royale?

Here, we are going to see how to change your name on clash royale. As you already know, Supercell only allows us to change the account name once, but luckily, we can contact the Clash Royale team to solve the problem and put a new name, for whatever reason.

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Method 1: How to Change Name on Clash Royale

Once your Clash Royale account is at level 4, you can access the option to change your name. You will have to enter your new denomination twice and identically, so make no mistake. But sometimes, we don’t use a good name or a spelling mistake in Clash Royale Name. Today I will tell you how to change your name on clash royale easily.

Step 1: First, open Clash Royale game. But if you are playing this game, you cannot change it.

how to change your name on clash royale

Step 2 : There is a menu bar (three bars button) on the right of the top corner, and click on it. Now you will see a list of the menu on here.

how to change your name in clash royale

Step 3: On the menu list, there is setting option and now click on setting.


Step 4: There are some options on the setting, and one of them is “Change Name” and click on it.


Step 5: Now write your new name, and you need to rewrite it again for matching.

5 clash

Step 6: After write your name, click on continue. Then, you need to confirm.

After you confirm, everything is done. Just wait because Supercell will verify and change your name.

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Method 2: How to Change Clash Royale Name Again

If you cannot see the change name option on the setting, you should follow these steps. Without further ado, we show you how to change your name in clash royale.

Step 1:

Go to the settings section and select the “help and assistance” tab. We will find the settings on the main screen of the game, right next to the trophies that we have. Then, you will see the “help and assistance” tab.

help and assistance

Step 2:

Select the “Contact us” option. It is at the top of the tab in which we are, although it may not appear directly. If this is the case, we go to any section and answer “No” to the question “Was it helpful?”. In this way, we will have access to the contact form.

Contact us

Step 3:

Submit a contact form to Supercell. Now we can send a message to the support service of the game, and we will have to write a message commenting on our problem with the name, which can range from having our real name, having an offensive name, or having a colored name.

The Supercell team can take 3-5 days to respond, depending on their work volume. It is very important to indicate to Supercell the new name that we want to have in the account, or they will not be able to change it.

Please note that you cannot use emojis or special characters in your name. If you did, the name would not be displayed correctly, so directly, the system does not let you use emojis. When choosing your new name, remember that it can be denied for various reasons, like emojis or special characters. You know that it has some of the words prohibited by the language filters of each country; it is the name of an existing user.

You can try changing the spelling or selecting another name directly if you want to change it but cannot access your first option. Want to add more friends on Clash Royale? Read our guides.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How much does it cost to change name in Clash Royale?

You can change your name free of charge for the first time. However, there may be an additional 500 gems if the name has been registered before.

How many times can I change my name in Clash Royale?

If you want to change your player name in Clash Royale, you must know that there are limitations that you can do it. You are only allowed to change your name once in Clash Royale.

How to get GOLDEN color name in Clash Royale?

It can be a challenge getting a GOLDEN color name in Clash Royale. In the game, go to the Settings menu, then select Change Name if you wish to use the color-coded name.

In conclusion:

Changing your name in clash royale is as simple as changing the account settings. All you have to do is go to Settings, then tap on your current username and type in a new name. Your Clash ID will also change with the new username, but it’s actually fun to have a different Clash ID if you’re playing with friends! This guide should be enough to help you successfully change your name in clash royale.

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