5 Best Mega Knight Decks In 2022

Mega knight decks are versatile decks that are normally based on the sudden attack after gaining enough elixir advantage. While having the mega knights, there are different types of cards you will need to use with the deck. Choosing the right type of card with your deck is quite a hard task that you need to know the guides of choosing the deck

Therefore, if you have the mega knight decks you need to identify the best one in 2022 that you will choose to use. To get the difference with the types consider checking on their differences and similarities while majoring on their features. Remember the deck itself is known to be popular and with several advantages to the player.

The article below shows the overview of the mega knight deck, the five types of mega knights decks, how to play the cards and lastly the conclusion. Kindly, check on the article below for any questions about the mega knight’s deck since I will cover your worries.

top Mega Knight Decks

Mega knight deck overview

Mega knight deck is the best deck to be in use since they are showing how worth they are when using them due to some of the advantages on cash royale. The deck is a bait deck that contains a skeleton barrel, bats and goblins that act as the bait for the opponent’s spell cards.

Therefore if you have any of the decks that contain a tank card such as giant, golem or lava hound your inferno dragon should be kept in the cycle to destroy them. The best play to use is the skeleton barrel with spear goblins at the bridge. So ensure you choose your deck carefully to avoid picking the one you do not deserve.

There are the card guides you can follow when choosing the right card to use which include: mega knight, skeleton barrel and miner

5 Best Mega Knight Decks for Clash Roayle

If you’re looking for the best Mega Knights Deck, look no further! This deck is perfect for anyone who wants to crush their opponents and win every battle. See below-

1. Mega knight


Mega knight is an average type of deck that exists in the Clash Royale world today. The deck has splash damage that is effective but not to an extreme extent. To defeat the issues with mega knight consider using ice golem together with a skarmy that works very fast.

There are specific cards that work well with the mega knight which include: miner, bandit, graveyard, balloon, battle ram, hog rider tanks and spell.  If you are using the mega knight and you want to kill it consider using the Pekka since it is the best option.

2. Skeleton barrel


The skeleton barrel is good at extracting the inferno tower and inferno dragon for a tank as the skeleton barrel targets buildings and drops several skeletons that they cannot deal with independently. The pressure can cause the card to force out the opponent that is not willing to play.

The skeleton barrel is not permanent but it can cause some damage to the card since it moves with levels such that the hit points are there which will determine the damage to the user. The three best types of decks in the skeleton barrel are the fireball, bomber and Valkyrie.

3. Spear goblins


Spear goblins against air units, swarms, low health buildings and doing chip damage. Goblins are more suited for blocking high health enemies being cannon fodder for ground-based swarms and being a low-cost play.

Goblins can be a good support troop for higher hit point troops like the giant since for a few elixirs it can deal with considerable damage per second to any defending units.

4. Goblin gang


Goblin gang is best for use on defence and also when baiting out the opponent’s spell. The goblin gang is the most offensive deck for long bait and mega knight. To locate the card above, the player needs to check in a specific arena which is the jungle arena

5. Inferno dragon

Inferno dragon

Inferno Dragon is an incredibly unique card that excels at killing high health units from above but is abysmal when facing other cards like swarms. The inferno dragon has the potential to dominate games, but must be facing a specific deck. It is good to choose the inferno dragon since it is a win condition when you support it with many troops that it can get to the tower easily.

The damages with the inferno dragon do increase over time that later can lead to failure of the crown towers. The damages with inferno dragon depend on the number of hit points the card has that will later determine the speed and range of the card. Remember the inferno dragon is a super troop of the baby dragon.

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How to Use cards? Quick Guides

1. Single elixir strategy

The single elixir strategy is a strategy when using the cards that you only use in one game. When having an early game, the player needs to focus on getting chip damage to all the component towers.

Avoid committing with elixir since it can ruin all the chances of being able to defend against the opponent’s attacks. Ensure you open with a skeleton barrel or miner whilst you work out what deck your opponent is using.

2. Double elixir strategy

The double elixir strategy comes in when the mega knight now comes into play. In this case, you need to use the skeleton barrel as a cycle card and try to build a push behind. Choose to use bait cards to cycle out the opponent’s spells and defend using the mega knight.

The major tip for the deck above is to use mega knight wisely. Therefore ensure you drop him on multiple tabs and try to avoid tank killers such as princes.


In this new year of 2022, you may be having the urge to explore and try new mega knights decks but you do not know of the best ones to choose. Worry less about it, since I will cover all the necessary topics with mega knight decks that are good for you. As a user, you need to know how to play the cards using the strategies they contain for effective game planning.

In the article above, there are the five best mega knights decks in 2022 that you can choose to use for gaming. There are then the strategies that show how to play the cards for effective gaming. Remember the decks have their damages that you need to be careful when playing. Therefore, follow strict measures when using it.

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